Meet Your Designer 

Lowkxy is no different than you really. A young dreamer working hard to bring it all forth into reality. They chose the alias due to its similar spelling to lowkey. If you were wondering how to pronounce it. They believe they're the embodiment of the word it self. Usually being quiet and relaxed: not very forceful, emotional or noticeable. Growing up Lowkxy always had their headphones in. You’d think they were glued in and maybe they'd even shower with them. Music was a big part of their life and is what stimulated their creative side. Music changed their perspective of the world and drove the philosophical thoughts they developed. Lowkxy would eventually start to express those thoughts and feelings through doodles on their notes and on the class desk. Detention was definitely worth it because before they knew it, they would be putting this same passion and energy into their own clothing brand. This only scratches the surface of who Lowkxy really is. Join the Sickening family and become more connected🖤⛓

It expresses one's Distaste
For others their Love
So easily Misunderstood
As I peruse this passion
I bring you on a personal journey 
To represent the Misunderstood
To remind the world
of the oldest advice in history
Never Judge a Book by Its Cover.
If you are not open minded and willing to accept my art and emotions
This may not be your brand/community
I only value your Loyalty & Support 
Tired of feeling trapped in my mind
I trigger a brainstorm in hopes that clear sky’s follow
Becoming vulnerable so you know you’re not alone.
Thank you,

I love you